About Jaxsta

A Brief History

The Jaxsta journey started in 2013, to answer a first-hand need for a official data source that ensures credit is shared where credit is due. Since then we've been collecting data and building a platform to bring the idea to life. The Jaxsta platform will launch in the first half of 2019.

Why Jaxsta?

With the evolution of digital music we've lost the 'jacket' that used to come with the album. Our mission is to track down the people behind the music. From radio to roadies, artists to producers, photographers to video directors. Jaxsta will be the credit roll for our industry.

Official Data

By sourcing data from multiple authoritative sources, and then having real humans review anomalies, we are ensuring our data is as close to perfect as possible.

Industry People

Jaxsta is a music company with technology, not a technology company with a music department. 90% of Jaxsta's staff are seasoned industry vets​; we have musicians, A&R, touring and label people in our fold.​

Jaxsta is a proud member of:


Want to know what Metadata is?

Universal Music Group have produced a video in collaboration with DDEX to help highlight the importance of music metadata and its role in supplying credits to the music industry.

Featuring in alphabetical order:
Andrew Scheps (Audio Engineer; Multi GRAMMY Award Winner; Adele, Jay Z)
Barak Moffitt (EVP, Content Strategy & Operations, Universal Music Group)
Chris Lord-Alge (Producer/ Engineer; Multi GRAMMY Award Winner; Green Day, The Black Eyed Peas)
Ed Cherney (Audio Engineer; Multi GRAMMY Award Winner; Bonnie Raitt, Willie Nelson)
Elliot Scheiner (Audio Engineer; Multi GRAMMY Award Winner; Steely Dan, The Eagles, Beck)
George Massenburg (Audio Engineer/ Inventor; Multi GRAMMY Award Winner; Patty Loveless, Billy Joel)
Greg Penny (Audio Engineer/ Producer; Multi GRAMMY Award Nominee; Elton John, k.d. Lang)
Hank Shocklee (Producer/ Sound Architect; Hank Shocklee Enterprises; Public Enemy, Ice Cube, Bell Biv DeVoe)
Herbie Hancock (Artist/ Producer; Multi GRAMMY Award Winner)
Maureen Droney (Managing Director, Producers & Engineers Wing, The Recording Academy)
Michelle Lewis (Singer/ Songwriter; Co-Founder: Songwriters of North America)

Become a Partner


A roster of one or one-hundred-thousand artists, talk to us about ways we can help you collate, ingest and monetise your release information. A database or bits of paper in filing cabinets are great sources of information, and we're ready to help.

PROs & Publishers

As a member of industry data exchange groups we are helping to unify data exchange between PROs and external parties. We are not about song splits or payments; we are here to collate and link-up official accreditation.


Assurance in knowing your artists' data is correct and complete, with industry and fans able to access all their achievements quickly and easily, in a platform with built-in workflow and analytics tools - all designed so that you can service your clients better.

Songwriters, Producers & Engineers

Liner notes are the bread and butter by which you live and breathe and we get this. Credits are important. We're all about the credits and ensuring you have the best way possible to search the projects you've worked on and who's worked on what in the business. You will be able to track the release with charts, socials, news, nominations, awards and so much more.


You don’t have to play an instrument or sing to have contributed to an amazing piece of music. Jaxsta is all about pooling every single contribution. Use Jaxsta to credit your contribution be it editing a music video, running social campaigns, as an official photographer or running a recording studio.


For consumers, the Jaxsta web API provides a rich bed of information about the music they are enjoying, along with algorithms and aggregators to help them discover and match new artists and contributors.

Partner Benefits


When partners share their data with us, they lay claim to their assets, brand and intellectual property. The current controller of a work has the exclusive ability to update, correct and generally control the presentation of that work in our system.

Jaxsta aggregates numerous databases, of varying quality and level of detail. By supplying Jaxsta with your data, partners ensure their works and artists are presented with their official names, correct data, making the partner the primary source of truth.


Our database of artists, works, labels, publishers and PROs brings the entirety of the music industry under one umbrella. Industry insiders can use Jaxsta to find information that was previously undiscoverable.

By contributing to our database, and claiming their intellectual assets, partners allow us to link back to them. When a user searches for an artist or a work, Jaxsta lists all controlling publishers, labels, PROs and agents associated with the artist or work. Organisations are able to create their Jaxsta page, and customise they would like featured, link to their sites, and name the primary contact points for their core business units.


Jaxsta harvests and processes data in tens of different formats. We have the in-house technical competence to make music business almost frictionless. Our partners enjoy access to both our skill and insights: we're here to help and make business painless (as much as possible). Our commitment to cooperation and partnership is evidenced by our full support for open data standards, and our membership in various industry governing bodies, shoulder-to-shoulder with tech giants.

Work With Us

We are growing our team, and we're on the lookout for talented designers, developers, producers and music lovers. Click-thru to see current available positions: